Sunday, 22 April 2012

Believe in Sustainability and improve your profits!

Like all accountants I believed that following a policy of looking after the environment and implementing “Sustainability” in a business, meant fluffy PR communications and lower profits! However I’ve seen the “light” and now see that having a sustainability agenda can mean real gains for your business in two ways:
  1. Saving costs, and
  2. Improving your top line sales too

How can this be achieved?
¨      The place to start is a review of all your energy and carbon consumption through an energy and carbon audit. This forms a baseline from which to identify improvements which you can make. Areas to look at include energy and water usage, IT hardware, printing and stationery costs, motor expenses and of course, material and consumable usage.
¨      What is your long term strategy? Does it include Sustainability as a key ingredient? Plan to make Sustainability a key goal in your business embraced by the senior team and make it part of your strategic growth plan
¨      Look at the way you do things: is there waste and inefficiency in your internal processes which is contributing to increased use of physical resources?
¨      Involve your team: tell them your ideas, and they will not only help to generate new ideas but also enthusiastically implement your plans, in turn helping to boost your business morale
¨      Communicate the message to your customers and other stakeholders in your business: spread the message and grow your business
¨      Measure your success: periodically review where you are compared to your initial audit

We can help you come up with a sustainability action plan for saving you money, building your business and in turn helping the environment!

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